Virtualization + upgrade of the mail server - 12/02/2013

Virtualization + upgrade of the mail server - 12/02/2013: 08/02/2013

Dear customers,

Virtualization of our mail server

For efficient use of its capacity of the mail server, iPower plc will virtualize the mail server. We will not tire you with the technical details, but we do give you an overview of the advantages:

  • More efficient IT infrastructure
  • Better use of available resources
  • Extended flexibility
  • Easier and more reliable backup procedures
  • Ecologically by increased energy savings

Update of SmarterMail to version 10

We seize this opportunity to upgrade our e-mail software SmarterMail to v10. This version eliminates some persistent bugs in previous versions and provides a more efficient support of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Upgrade on Tuesday, 12/02/2013

The virtualization and the upgrade happen on Tuesday, 02.12.2013, between 18h00 and 24h00. As a customer you normally will notice little or nothing of this: You can continue to send and receive mail, access your webmail, etc. The old server remains active until the new server is fully installed and tested. The only thing that might happen is that, in the short period in which the switch is made from the old to the new server, you may receive a limited number of incoming mails twice.

What will change for you in version 10 of SmarterMail?

Well, very little, actually. The web interface is somewhat sleeker and offers a few extras, especially for use with mobile technology. That's all.

Contact us for more info

If you have any questions or comments on this upgrade, please contact us at the known phone numbers:

  • Support within the office hours: +32 (0) 3 641 66 83
  • Support 24/7: +32 (0) 902 88 310

The @ iPower team.