Become a Keyboost reseller

Being a Keyboost reseller? It only has advantages!

If your customer, acquaintance or business contact who you introduced to Keyboost requests a free test Keyboost:

  • Advantage for your customer, acquaintance or business contact: His or her website ranks higher in Google’s organic search results for one keyword: more visitors, more customers and higher sales. And all that for free.
  • Advantage for you: Your own Keyboost account gets an extra boost for free, for an even better result in Google.

If your customer, acquaintance or business contact becomes a Keyboost customer

  • Advantage for your customer, acquaintance or business contact: Better rankings for the main keywords, more efficiently than f.e. Google Adwords and at a lower price.
  • Advantage for you: You receive 20% of the invoice amount (excluding VAT) once the client that you introduced pays his bills. The commission will be deducted from your own invoice if you have one or more Keyboost accounts. Is the amount higher than what you have to pay per month? Then we deposit the balance (> € 50, -) to your bank account.

How does it work?

  • You sign up as a reseller by filling in the online registration form below.
  • You choose a distinctive name, for example the name of your company. When processing your registration, we assign you a subdomain based on this distinctive name. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  • You send a link of a Keyboost web page to your customer, acquaintance or business contact (for example, the Keyboost home page or the online application form for the free trial), and you replace the ‘www’ by that distinctive name + '.reseller':
    • -->
  • When your customer, acquaintance or business contacts uses the custom link to visit the Keyboost website, our system determines that you introduced him or her. It makes no difference if this happens immediately or a few months later, thanks to the connection with the subdomain we always know that the user belongs to your reseller account.
  • If he or she requests a free test Keyboost or becomes a customer, you will enjoy the advantages described above.

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