Update of the Google algorithm

Update of the Google algorithm: 15/09/2016

Important update of the Google algoritme: September 2016

Update Google-algoritme - september 2016Early September 2016, Google has implemented a major update of the algorithm that determines the rankings in the organic search results, the most important in years. After each change in the Google algorithm, the rankings fluctuate, a phenomenon called ‘Google flux’. Normally, these fluctuations do not last very long, at most a few weeks. This update causes the rankings to fluctuate a lot longer before they reach a stable position again.

UPDATE: In March 2017, an important update of the Google algorithm has been implemented. It has the same consequences as the September 2016 update: ranking fluctuations and decreases, especially on web pages that are less well optimized.

Content becomes – once again – more important

All updates of the Google algorithm have the purpose to achieve better rankings for the landing pages with – according to Google – the best content. We also see that most pages that got lower rankings could use some optimization. Moreover, it seems as if Google has become ‘less smart’ after the update: if the keyword does not appear literally in the content of the landing page, this now has an immediate negative effect on the rankings. It seems that Google no longer takes into account related words and synonyms to the keyword as much as it did before.

Use all the words of the keyword

The keywords that suffer most are keywords that consist of different words, f.e. “how do I get better rankings in Google”, for which not all words appear in the content of the web page. When f.e. the small word ‘do’ isn’t in the content (but the phrase “how can I get better rankings in Google” is), Google will value the page less than before. Earlier this could be compensated by using the missing word in link texts to that page, but this no longer has the same effect as before the algorithm update.

Make sure your landing pages are well optimized

Use our tool SEO Page Optimizer – free of charge – to check how well your page is optimized and to optimize it even better, if necessary. To help you determine which pages are best addressed, we include in the weekly report of your Keyboost account per keyword an ‘optimization score’, a number between 1 and 10 that shows how well - or how badly - your landing page is optimized. That and the access to SEO Page Optimizer should offer you the possibility to optimize the content of your website and to achieve higher rankings in Google.

Click here for more information, f.e. about the optimization score and about how to reach SEO Page Optimizer.


The monthly Keyboost effort first makes sure that your site achieves highest possible ranking and later ensures that those higher rankings are maintained, with the current website content and the current Keyboost support (not taking into account external conditions: new competitors on the market, SEO efforts of your competitors, substantial changes to the Google algorithm, etc.). The content of the page remains very important. Make sure you use all the words of your keyword in the content of the optimized landing pages. Use SEO Page Optimiser for better content optimization.